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We are a "Gideon's Army" of people who believe God is able to do what seems impossible in foster care. 




We are still developing some of the details, but our goal is to provide support to foster and adoptive families in the following areas:   

The Foster Closet

The Foster Closet makes items like clothes, shoes, diapers, formula, cribs, strollers, car seats and much more available to foster and adoptive families as well as reunited families. 

Family Education

Providing holistic family education in the areas of parenting, healthy communication, counseling and continuing formal education. 

Practical Support

Providing practical support in the form of after-school activities, counseling, care packages, resources and   more to help families succeed through the challenges of fostering and adopting. 

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You know, I've done a lot of things in my life.  Some great and some not so great. But I must say, my greatest accomplishment in all my days has been getting to know God for who He really is. The more I got to know God for who He is, the more he showed me who I really was and am.  Now my heart's desire is to share what He has revealed to be true about himself to others while living a life that demonstrates what He has revealed to be true about me.

Kim is the publisher of The Walk magazine and produces The Walk, a lifestyle video series. Weekly, she mentors a group of young women to leave a wake of God’s grace in their paths. She is the founder of His Walk Media, the nonprofit organization behind the annual "Thanksgiving Brunch" for Single Moms and "The Huddle" for Men & Fathers.  Her life and ministry are the inspiration for hundreds of hearts of fathers turning back to their children.   An intercessor at heart, with a passion, for Jesus, and a great love for people, Kim is out to change the world on her knees!  Kim lives in Connecticut and has 10 brothers and sisters.



The decision to Foster for me was an easy one. It was never a question of whether or not I wanted to, only when to start. You see, I was in the system a few times during my childhood. My mom abandoned my three sisters, father and I, when I was only 10 years old. My youngest sister was just under a year old and I was her primary caretaker. We were left behind with an alcoholic father, who was either angry or just not around. We suffered neglect and abuse. I have memories of hiding under the bed when he was having fits of rage. I was trying to protect my sisters and myself from him. He was in and out of alcohol treatment centers. Each time we would be placed in foster care and separated from one another. Sunday mornings we would get to see each other at church.  It was the good-hearted members of our church who took us in each time my father failed. Church has always had a very special place in my heart as well as fostering.(Our family has fostered over a dozen children in the past 3 years. Some have come and gone quickly while others have stayed much longer. ) Once licensed our primary goal was to foster siblings. Drawing from my own experiences and knowing how scared I was, unaware of where my sisters were if they were being well cared for, lonely, safe, etc. We have been blessed to have been licensed by two Christian foster agencies. when we lived in Florida and Lilyfield, here in Edmond, OK. Having a great support system behind us has been instrumental in our success. A good fostering agency should check in with you weekly and always be available with someone on-call 24-7 in case any issues arise. Eventually, children leave to be reunified with their families or to be adopted into a forever family. Even though those transitions can be hard, knowing that we are planting seeds of love, hope, security, and faith makes it all worth it. We feel called to serving our community this way. I would rather suffer some personal grief and loss then allow any child to go through theirs alone.


     Janet’s passion is to bring freedom to those who suffer from emotional and spiritual bondage, through Holy Spirit led revelation and prayer.   She also brings children and adults closer to God through healing prayer and enjoys teaching all how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

     Janet was born in Bangor, Maine.  She graduated from Boston University in 1984 with a BS in physical therapy and Long Island University with an MS in orthopedic physical therapy.  She became an entrepreneur 5 years into her career and merged her business with Advanced Physical Therapy of CT in Stamford in 1997.  It grew to one of the largest PT practices in Fairfield County, in part because of the specialty of Integrated Manual Therapy, which is a total body, hands-on approach addressing the patient’s physical, physiologic and psychological dysfunction to eliminate pain and dysfunction.

     In 2007, Janet retired from a successful PT business.  She felt the strong calling of God to redirect her focus to that of healing through prophetic teaching and prayer.   As Director of St.  Paul’s Episcopal Church Sunday school program in Darien, CT,  Janet developed and implemented a curriculum to teach kids age 5-13 how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. The program grew from 3 teachers and approximately 15 kids to 24 teachers and over 40 children. Her present focus is healing prayer, especially for adopted and foster kids and their families.   Janet lives in New Canaan, CT with her husband of 29 years and their 3 children, who are all adopted.


I have worked for 16 years with a Commercial Real Estate Firm serving Fairfield and New Haven Counties.  I mentor at-risk youth and young adults through relationships and support in positive practical ways. I have also had the privilege to volunteer as a victim advocate to those who've experienced or were affected by sexual assault.  

I've learned so much about human sex trafficking of children and adults over the years. I used that knowledge to facilitate outreach programs and bring awareness to businesses throughout Connecticut.  As the co-chair of an Anti-Human Sex Trafficking mission, I also led several community outreach initiatives and service projects. But one of my favorite things was leading a Love146 Volunteer Community Outreach Team.  One thing is for sure, serving the most vulnerable people in our community brings me joy.  


I have led Celebrate Recovery women’s groups,  and serve on leadership with Mountain of Worship; simply a people who are walking in the Way that Jesus did.  I am blessed to have an amazing son and we are always looking forward to our next adventure together!


Karen’s heart is to see others realize their God-given destiny in Christ by living free from physical, emotional, and spiritual burdens. As a Christian counselor, she draws upon her own personal experience as well as years of discipling others to bring inner-healing and restoration to areas of unresolved pain and trauma. Freedom arises as hearts are restored and minds are renewed by the love of God and his truth. Karen is known for her patient and compassionate Holy-Spirit led approach to healing. 

Karen is a founding leader of New England Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Norwalk, CT. She has also led a woman’s discipleship group in her home for over 10-years. She is currently attending GJM Ministry school, with anticipated ordination in July 2020. 

Karen graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Business Administration. Prior to raising her family, she worked in commercial lending at Chemical Bank and, later as Director of Marketing for a commercial interiors firm. She has 3 adult children and lives in Darien CT with her husband of 34 years. 


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